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Are you having problems with your Delonghi coffee machine? Don’t get rid of that machine yet! As a professional DeLonghi coffee machine repairs & service, Winnipeg, we have worked on Delonghi coffee machines for many years. They are one-of-a-kind and well-made machines, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require service and repairs. Over time, at Coffee Machine Service and Repairs we’ve seen a pattern over and over of the repairs and services needed for Delonghi coffee machines. The machine works well for a few years after it is first bought, and problems with it are rare. People love their Delonghi machines and the coffee they make, but they may have had one minor warranty repair over time.  Between 4 and 8 years, you may notice problems like leaks, weaker coffee, uneven steam pressure, louder sounds, and coffee grounds all over the inside. This is when you will need us to service and repair your machine.

DeLonghi Coffee Machine Routine Service

Most other brands need regular tune-ups and maintenance at a repair shop, which can be expensive. However, Delonghi machines don’t need servicing as often. They rarely cause any trouble, but when they do, they require expert attention. When that happens, you should let us look at your machine and figure out what needs to be done for a DeLonghi coffee machine routine service. We expect that you will only need one major service on these machines, which will still last for years. Other service centers or brands will need a tune-up yearly, but that’s not necessary. Most of the time, all that needs doing is to replace hose seals, lubricate and tighten fittings, replace steam valves and boilers, service the infuser and grinder, and remove a few scale clogs from the lines. We do this all at once during a complete overhaul by Coffee Machine Repairs and Service. DeLonghi Coffee Machine Repairs Winnipeg

DeLonghi Repair Service to You

If you ever face issues with your coffee machine, we will provide prompt DeLonghi repair service. As professionals, we perfectly remove scale from the fittings and solenoid valves of the boiler. Grinder disassembly, cleaning old coffee oil and grounds, inspection, and reassembly are also part of regular service. Moreover, our DeLonghi repair service to you includes disassembling the infuser, cleaning old oil, replacing main seals, lubricating the piston, and reassembling. Often, the infuser carrier is taken off and cleaned, and the bolts are put back on with a thread locker. As part of regular service and maintenance, we at Coffee Repairs and Service will install new hose seals on the whole machine, which could be as many as 14, depending on the model. We will reseal or replace any hose fittings that are leaking, too. We will also replace wiring connectors on steam boilers that can come loose, spark, and break over time.

Coffee Machine Repairs in Winnipeg

There are various models of Delonghi coffee machines. All these variants require different types of care and service. Depending on the model, you may need to change the steam valve assembly or the milk pitcher connector over time. We also ensure that the coffee boiler assembly gets the changing it needs. Cleaning the inside of the main door, the coffee spout, and all the outside parts, such as the drip tray, dump box, body panels, etc., we will take care of, too. We offer our coffee machine repairs in Winnipeg at a reasonable rate and even have a drop-off service. We install different parts that have damage and make necessary replacements. Also, we inspect every piece of the machine to ensure nothing is on the verge of damage and malfunction. After the overhaul is done, we also provide guidance to the machine owners so that they take care of these valuable machines.