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Honestly, who are you going to trust to return your Coffee machine service to its former glory? Someone just out of an apprenticeship with little knowledge. Or the people that have the experience and right knowledge. We’re here to help you get the best outcome. So don’t rush to replace your appliance!. There is a good chance we can fix your old one!

Repairing your Smeg mixer has never been easier than with the help of our dedicated Smeg Mixer Repair Winnipeg technicians. Our friendly service is performed by Semg Mixer Repair Winnipeg technicians who have extensive industry experience in leading brands, such as KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Dash and more. Our team is waiting for your call. Smeg Mixer Repairs Winnipeg

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Coffee machine service is one of the leading companies on the market who can fix all types of Smeg Mixers in Winnipeg . Major repair to Smeg mixer can be done at our repair shop. Smeg Mixer Repairs Winnipeg

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Working in the kitchen usually taken for granted, until you experience an appliance breakdown. At times like this you want it fixed as soon as possible. For those requiring urgent appliance servicing, our quick and comprehensive service is the best choice for Smeg mixer repairs Winnipeg.

The typical repair for your mixer runs $149 or less.

Which includes removal and replacement of the grease enclosed in the crank case.

Bring your Appliance to us and save!

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We repair all counter top Kitchen Mixers .

Bring in your Kitchen Aid Mixers to us and save.

We have a $45 flat rate + Parts on all shop repairs. (Some restrictions apply.)
We have a $29 diagnostics fee for any appliances that you bring to our Winnipeg location.
We keeps a large parts inventory for Kitchen Aid mixers.

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