Residential Coffee Machine Repair Center Winnipeg

Coffee Machine Repair & Service

Specializing in maintenance and repair of espresso machines, coffee grinders and accessories.

We have over 10 years of extensive experience in the industry, serving the needs of both residential and commercial coffee machine repair and services in Winnipeg. Our range of services includes installations, troubleshooting, repair, cleaning, maintenance. Our company understands that your cafeteria, restaurant, office or home cannot afford coffee downtime. We offers flexible solutions to suit your needs. Bring your machine into our accessible coffee machine repair center in Winnipeg and our skilled technicians will quickly have it steaming again. Feel free to express any queries about the workings of your machine. We offer affordable prices that are easy on the pocket, guaranteeing that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have your coffee machine fixed.

With superior skill, experience, and technology, Coffee Machine Repair & Service Winnipeg has the foundation and background necessary to service your Coffee Equipment.

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We cover all types of repairs:

  • Emergency Coffee Machine Repair Winnipeg
  • Regular Service for Maintenance purpose
  • Equipment Installation and commissioning

Regular services for commercial coffee machines:

  • Clean up all coffee groups
  •  Replace seals and showers for all coffee groups
  • Service boiler valves

Regular services for residential and commercial coffee machines:

  • Descaling
  • Clean up and lubricate brewing components
  • Overall check of all components and full test performed